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Hi, my name is Jason Cesco, I live in Laggio di Cadore a small village located in the centre of the Dolomites, north of Italy.

Since I was young, I had a big passion for motors. After lots of sacrifices, at the age of 14 I bought my first sled. Of course, it was not one of the bests on the market but together with my father, we managed to fix it up transforming it in a small monster. Since that moment, I have been riding all long winters on the saddle of my sled, always looking for new jumps and new emotions (without considering my falls).

With time going by, from that first sled, I bought new ones more powerful, which allowed me to find new emotions and jumps even bigger. Through my big passion, I got closer to the freestyle world that always appealed me and thanks to big champions of this discipline, I built my first ramp and I started with freestyle jumping.

My biggest dream and goal, since ever, was to do the backflip and finally I have achieved my goal. After lots of efforts, I managed to do it. Around the world, there are just few riders doing it and in Italy, I am the only one. I took part to important freestyle shows of this discipline such as: Night of Freestyle Germany, Gladiators Games Prague, Masters of dirt Austria, Mundial du Quad Pont- de-Vaux France, Warsavia street Racing, Night of the Jumps and many others.

Apart from doing Freestyle with my sled on the snow and on dirt, I do FMX and freeride with both my sled and snowboard, climbing and Swimming.


Few years ago, I started to take part to the mototherapy. The Mototherapy is an amazing initiative born thanks Vanni Oddera ( FMX Daboot Rider) It’s a therapy which allows to donate big emotions and inspire these disabled guys.

Usually we do it after or before a show or sometimes the whole exhibitions is dedicated to these fantastic people. We bring them with our bikes, sled and quads under our security.

Big emotions arise from this wonderful experience. When we see them smiling and having fun with us what we feel is indescribable. Every time we learn a lot from them.